The 4 Biggest Food Delivery Risks

Food delivery during pandemic

When it comes to delivering food to specific addresses, food delivery services face many risks. As a food delivery service owner or a restaurant owner, you have a major role in lowering food delivery risks through your actions.  

Now, let’s dive into each one of the risks to understand your responsibility and how to manage food delivery risks.  

1. Customer Privacy

One of the most dangerous steps in food delivery is a data breach. Restaurants and food delivery services should be aware that technological advancements and the emergence of hackers constitute a threat to users since hackers can obtain confidential and personal information, risking customers’ privacy. Customers use their mobile phones most of the time to place a delivery order because through online transactions everything is quick and easy. Are food delivery apps safe? This is a question that can interest many customers nowadays. These online transactions represent some hazards to restaurants because they include the transfer and gathering of personal data from customers, including their addresses, phone numbers, credit cards, etc. 

So, food delivery services and restaurants are required to have reliable security systems to face cyber attacks as a data breach can cause significant financial losses (even a costly lawsuit) for businesses, and customers may lose faith in them. 

Whether you have a restaurant or collaborate with a food delivery services provider, it’s essential to ensure that you have a dependable security system to maintain your clients’ data safe. So, always ask questions or do a weekly or monthly check-in to ensure that people in charge of your customers’ data are doing all possible to keep it safe.

2. Quality of Food 

Is food delivery safe? There are some essential factors to consider for ensuring safe food delivery. Let’s dive into each of them: 

Temperature: There is so-called a “danger zone” in food which is the temperature range between 40 to 140 ℉, during which bacteria thrive and can double in size in as little as 20 minutes. Maintain a temperature of at least 140 ℉ for hot foods and below 40 ℉ for cold ones. If you wonder how to keep these temperature ranges to avoid causes of food poisoning, ensure to choose fresh food delivery services that provide refrigerated services and special boxes and bags for safe food delivery. Ensure you put the food in containers that maintain the needed temperature. 

Spoiling Food: Modify your menu and include foods that will not spoil on the road and will arrive the same way it was prepared. With that in mind, you need to have special containers, like vented fry ones to ship the dishes the way they are, such as fried foods. For instance, you may have encountered when a french fry is soggy or the greens of salads are wilted — it is unappetizing and inedible. Other common foods that spoil really quickly are frozen foods, fried dishes, sushi, dressed salads, breaded foods, etc. 

Care: Ensure that your customer’s food is not touched by sealing the bags. And provide utensils, napkins, and condiments separate from the food. 

You won’t be able to provide fresh food delivery if you don’t follow the required above-mentioned factors. 

3. Driver Issues

Ensure to have commercial auto liability insurance as drivers may face accidents and injuries or even crimes like theft. You can avoid costly liabilities by having the appropriate insurance. Make sure that your drivers also are vetted individually and receive training to deliver food safely. 

Besides that, sometimes customers can also put drivers into some troublesome situations. One of the common mistakes that we make when ordering food delivery is not thinking about drivers. For instance, many times drivers may find it difficult to locate a client’s address because of dark entrances. Customers should brighten their entryway and provide detailed instructions of their address like passcodes, floor numbers, etc. 

4. Neglecting Hygiene Practices

This is a risk that needs to be controlled by restaurants and food delivery services not to harm customers’ health because of the virus spread. During the pandemic, the importance of fresh food delivery has arisen even more. When you opt for same-day food delivery services, ensure that the third party provides all the precautions not to spread the virus and germs, while also delivering the dishes on time. Restaurants can also include educational cards or flyers on how to implement the best hygiene practices like washing hands, sterilizing food bags and containers. 

To conclude whenever you opt for food delivery services in Los Angeles, consider these risks to avoid future problems. Ninja is here with its dedicated team and drivers to ship your products, including food, parcels, packages, and more with utmost attention and care. 

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