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Same-Day Delivery Service in Los Angeles County

We provide same-day pick-up and delivery services in Los Angeles County, delivering urgent packages, time-sensitive documents, and perishables promptly and securely. 

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Ninja for Individuals

We provide local messenger and courier services to transport your time-sensitive packages as quickly as possible. Our trained and professional drivers ensure your package gets delivered to your destination on time and safely.

Ninja for Businesses

We aim to establish your brand awareness and credibility by ensuring that items get delivered on time without any damage or loss. Our couriers deliver your time-sensitive packages and fragile items carefully, paying special attention to security, safety, and speed.

Our Same-Day Courier Service Includes

Same-Day Mail Delivery

We provide the best same-day messenger services in Los Angeles County, ensuring reliable and fast delivery.

Same-Day Document Delivery

We offer same-day document courier services delivering your time-sensitive documents as quickly as possible.

Same-Day Grocery Delivery

We provide grocery and perishable deliveries, including same-day food delivery, same-day alcohol delivery, and more.

Same-Day Personal Item Delivery

We provide secure and on-time delivery of your personal items, paying special attention to time-sensitive and fragile packages.


We provide a same-day and scheduled delivery of various items starting from parcel collection and delivery of gifts and flowers.

Same-Day Express Delivery Service

We know how essential it is to deliver products that need urgent attention, especially medicine and time-sensitive packages. Our same-day pick-up courier service provides couriers who will deliver all your vital items to the destination with care and attentiveness.

Benefits You Get

Same-Day Courier

Order items in Los Angeles County and get a safe and fast delivery.

Real-time Tracking

Track your delivery and get real-time status notifications.

Trained Couriers

Get the fastest same-day delivery by drivers who receive professional training and go through background checks ensuring safe and on-time delivery.


Know the cost before placing a delivery request and get the cheapest delivery rates possible.

Same-Day Courier Service Near You

If you are looking for a fast and reliable delivery service to deliver your food, alcohol, documents, packages, flowers, personal items and more, Ninja has you covered.