Letter Delivery Services

Need letters delivered, including the ones that are confidential? We got your back.

Letter Messenger Services in Los Angeles County

We provide letter messenger services in Los Angeles County, delivering on-demand and sensitive letters with the utmost attention and care not letting any of your documents get lost along the way.

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Ninja for Individuals

You can opt for our local messenger and courier services to ship your confidential and private letters to the designated addresses wherever and whenever you want across LA County. Whether it’s a business, formal or informal letter, we are always here with our dedicated drivers to provide secure transport of your time-sensitive parcels. 

Ninja for Businesses

We want you to partner with the best companies to grow your business and have success in each step you take. If you want to send a confidential business letter to your partner or client and need a reliable shipment of it, we got your back. You don’t have to worry about it getting lost or not being delivered where it needs to be because our professional and skillful couriers make every effort to ship your order promptly and securely. 

Our Letter Messenger Services Include

Same-Day Letter Delivery

We provide same-day letter messenger services, offering reliable and safe delivery.

Express Letter Delivery

We offer express letter messenger services as we know that sometimes there are on-demand and time-sensitive parcels that need to be shipped as fast as possible.

Benefits You Get

Tracking Feature

Place a letter delivery order to send and receive parcels from designated addresses without any worries about where your item is due to our tracking features.

Professional Letter Messengers

Get speedy and reliable letter delivery with the help of our letter messengers who receive training and are vetted individually to provide secure shipment.


Don’t worry about your confidential and time-sensitive letters because our fast and reliable delivery ensures that your items get to the destination with reasonable pricing and in the shortest time.

Letter Messenger Services Near You

Whether you want to send your letters within a day or in hours and ship confidential or informal letters, Ninja has you covered as everything is possible with our dedicated team.