7 Common Questions About Same Day Delivery Services

Same Day Delivery

When choosing a courier service in Los Angeles, you need to make the right choice to have the best experience with your delivery because cost-effectiveness, reliability, and speed need to be in one place. So, you need to ask some questions about same-day delivery to the courier service to understand if it matches your needs and requirements. 

We’ve compiled 7 common questions about same-day delivery to help you find the right delivery service. 

1. How Long Have You Been In The Industry?

The first question that you should ask or find out about is how long the courier service provider has been providing their services. As in every industry, experience is essential so that you can trust the organization. Through this question, you’ll understand how they deal with comprehensive situations and satisfy their customers. 

2. Do Your Drivers Get Training Before Employment?

Remember that drivers are the most essential people of your same-day delivery because they are the people who pick up and deliver your items to your preferred destination. It’s essential to have your time-sensitive parcels and urgent packages get to you swiftly and promptly. Thus, you should opt for services that provide reliable drivers who can deliver your packages with utmost care, professionalism, and safety. With that in mind, you need to understand whether they pass through any background checks, have any experience, or receive training before working. When you find out that they are vetted carefully, you feel more confident to choose their services. 

3. What Is Your Same-day Delivery Method? 

One of the questions about same-day delivery is how their delivery method works. How will they manage everything on time? And also this includes the steps you make to place a delivery request. For instance, maybe they have an easy-navigable app on which you’re going to order your delivery or maybe you should use their website for that. 

Always ask if you get real-time tracking for your shipment to know the status and location of your packages. Or maybe you get emails or SMS about the arrived delivery. Knowing their delivery method can help you understand how they work and what their benefits are over their competitors. 

4. What Kind of Items Do You Deliver?

Always know the items that the delivery services support —  it can start from parcels and packages to temperature-controlled items. For example, Ninja delivery services provide same-day delivery of groceries, parcels, packages, laundry, personal items, alcohol, documents, gifts and flowers. By determining the specialization of the service, you also decide whether it’s great for you or not. 

5. Are There Any Same-day Delivery Restrictions?

You should also know if your same-day delivery service has any restrictions. For example, the service may not deliver particular items on the same day. Or maybe they can’t deliver any temperature-controlled items as they don’t have a refrigerated delivery service. Maybe they deliver across only one city. Or there are some restrictions regarding the weight as the courier services don’t deliver large parcels. Thus, determine what restrictions there are to save your time and make the right choice.

6. What Is The Cost?

Always ask about the pricing of the services to determine if it matches your expectations. For example, Ninja provides transparent pricing so that the user will know the cost of the items before placing a delivery request. 

Pricing is arguably the most important part to understand if you want to choose the service or not, maybe besides total costs they also have some hidden fees. The cost can vary among delivery services based on the type of the item, size, distance, urgency, and more. Thus, always know the price before you make a decision. 

7. Are There Any Other Delivery Options Available?

Also, ask whether the courier service has other delivery options except for the same-day delivery. For example, you may have a time-sensitive and on-demand document that needs to be delivered as fast as possible. For that, you’ll need an express delivery service, so that your item will be sent to the destination within one to two hours or even less.

These were all the 7 common questions about same-day delivery that you should consider asking to ensure that the service meets your expectations. 

Here at Ninja, we want you to have the best delivery experience possible. And we are waiting for you to contact us so we’ll answer all your questions. 

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