The Common Mistakes We Make When Ordering Food Delivery

Food Delivery

We bet you’ve had that moment when you didn’t have time to prepare your food or didn’t have the energy to cook for your family or just maybe wanted to taste something new and opted for a food delivery service in LA to bring your food to your doorstep. Either you’re in the office or work remotely, you have lunch every day and sometimes you order food delivery. 

You will be surprised when we share with you some common ordering mistakes that users make during that. Ninja wants to help you get the most out of your delivery experiences and that’s why we’ve compiled these 4 mistakes that many make and are affecting the overall experience. 

1. Not Considering Local Restaurants

Many times you opt for services, like McDonald’s, that are already famous across the world and make a satisfactory profit for their dishes. However, sometimes it’s essential to also consider small local restaurants that prepare good food, but don’t manage to make enough profits and compete with big chains. A lot of times, these places bring food more swiftly than the large chains because of not being too overloaded. By ordering from them, you may not only get food quicker but also help the business thrive and contribute to your community’s economic well-being. This way, you can ensure that new employment is created. As a result, an increasing number of members of the community can appreciate the delicious dishes and experiences that these establishments provide.

2. Not Choosing the Right Courier Service in LA

Many eating places don’t have delivery services, which means you need to find beneficial courier services that can provide same-day food delivery for you. 

Among different courier services, it is essential to know how to choose a good courier service. You should put enough thought into choosing the good food delivery so as not to regret it further. With that in mind, we’ve put together 5 essential things to consider before hiring a courier service to deliver your food or anything else for that matter:

  1. Specialization – Have you ordered food that spoils easily? Or maybe you’ve ordered temperature-controlled food that needs to be frozen while on the road, such as ice cream or sausages. In this case, you need to know the specialization of the service. Ensure to choose the one that offers refrigerated delivery service to deliver your preferred goods the way they are. 
  1. Food Tracking Feature – Do you get nervous whenever there is any uncertainty about your delivery? We know how frustrating it is whenever you don’t know the place and status of your delivery because maybe you’ve invited your friends and sat around the table waiting for food to arrive. Thus, choose a courier service that will provide a tracking feature to track your delivery. In this case, you can receive real-time notifications to track your delivery and ensure that it arrives on time. And customer service is essential as well because whenever there is an unpredictable delay, the worker can call you and inform you beforehand. Ninja always provides real-time tracking and updates of your goods’ status. 
  1. Reputation and Credibility – Always do thorough research before choosing a good food delivery service. Check websites like Trustpilot, Google Reviews, social media platforms to read customer reviews, find the organization’s reputation and see online ratings. Check the website of the food delivery service and its online presence to make sure that it’s reliable. Whenever drivers bring your food to your doorstep, look whether they are dressed appropriately for the delivery, as it can tell you a lot about professionalism.

Here at Ninja, our drivers are vetted professionally before their employment and get proper training for safe delivery.

  1. Speed – Does the company have an express delivery service? And also, do the agents deliver food with utmost care and safety? If it’s your birthday or anniversary or you just invited friends to enjoy the day together, you need your food to be delivered on time. As technology evolves, the importance of time-saving services arises, that’s why you need to consider speed as well as safety while choosing a delivery service. Ninja provides scheduled, same-day, and express delivery services of your items. 
  1. Cost-effectiveness – Ensure that the service you choose is cost-effective. The pricing may differ, considering the urgency, type, distance, and size or weight of your goods. So, choose the one that matches your needs. Ninja delivery service shows the pricing before you request a delivery. 

So, what is a good food delivery service? The one that combines speed, credibility, and cost-effectiveness in one place, providing real-time tracking and meeting your needs. 

3. Not Ordering The Right Food

You should order foods that you’ll eat the same day or food that can last more than a day. Here are a handful of points to know:

  • A salad with green dressings may quickly lose its delicious taste after a day. The same can be said about sushi, cold-pressed juices, berries, etc. that become unappetizing after a few hours and need to be ordered in the proper quantity to be eaten the same day.  
  • French fries and other fried dishes become soggy and unappetizing after a few hours or even during the delivery trip.
  • Eating food from a plate is a good idea because when you eat from containers, you end up overeating. 
  • Prevent food waste by putting leftovers into the fridge. 
  • Apply good hygiene practices by not placing delivery bags onto your kitchen counters. Wash your hands before eating and don’t pay with cash. 

    4. Not Thinking About Delivery Agents

Where to order food delivery? Whether it’s your home, office, or friend’s house, you need to provide detailed delivery information. Many times you as a user may not think that delivery agents may face some difficulties because of your small mistakes:

  • Always lighten your entrances so that agents can locate your address. 
  • Provide detailed delivery instructions that will include your address, the floor numbers, the gate passcodes, and any other information they may need. 
  • Show agents that their service is satisfactory for you through tipping. 

These were the common mistakes that people make when ordering food. Practice healthy ordering and keep yourself away from money waste, food waste, and dissatisfactions. And for choosing the right delivery service, always consider the above-mentioned factors. 

Ninja’s agents deliver products starting from flowers, gifts, packages, and parcels to food, alcohol, and laundry with high speed and reliability anywhere you want across LA County. If you need something to be delivered with the utmost care, opt for our professional drivers.   

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